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Boom Radio

This is the radio station I've spent my life getting ready for!


Boom Radio is the UK radio station just for Baby Boomers - a generation which feels increasingly sidelined by much radio as the music and presenters on Radio 2 and BBC local radio move inexorably younger - making us feel old. Even though we really aren't - with so much life left to live.


Boom is a music radio station, majoring on great songs from the '60s and '70s, spiced with some from the '50s - and a few newer tracks. In fact, a music collection as varied as our own tastes  - clouded over the years by mad songs we loved as a kid, one or two treasures  from our parents repertoire - a dollop of songs from our formative years - and a few new ones we've grown to love more recently.


At Boom, it's my job to try to weave a tapestry of music across the whole station which befits the eclectic tastes of a generation. And we break rules. You won't find just the biggest hits on Boom - you'll also hear the great song you really have not heard since 1967. How wonderful that feels. And we introduce you to a few greats you may have missed along the way.

Alongside the music, you can hear some of the presenters  you grew up with.  It's great to work again with the wonderful David Hamilton - as enthusiastic and brilliant now as he ever was. Catch Graham Dene and Nicky Horne too - bringing back memories for me of the magic of hearing their voices crackling through the ether as we drove down to London years ago. It's been my pleasure to renew my working relationship with Jenny Hanley, Diana Luke, Roger Day, Bill Bingham, Andy Marriott, John Peters, Les Ross, Jane Markham and spend time at last with Judi Spiers!

We've been truly blown away by the passionate response Boom has received - and I'm touched by the comments I receive daily about the music. Assembling the tracks for each show, in conjunction with each presenter, is a lengthy but highly fulfilling task.

Do give it a try. It's my pride and joy. Come and join us on DAB - or on your smart speaker or phone app. 

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